Meycor COBIT Suite

Is a complete, comprehensive and intuitive tool for implementing the COBIT framework for IT Governance, Technology Risk Management, Security, Internal Control and IT Assurance. This solution includes COBIT 4.1 and COBIT 5 in all its modules.


Create and manage IT Audit Projects in compliance with COBIT 5 Audit Guidelines. The structure allows the user to define for each project the COBIT objectives to be achieved, the Centers to be audited, the procedures to be used and the auditors assigned to each objective.


Provider allows the user to develop, host, distribute and maintain management systems and all types of content generated during an IT governance or corporate governance implementation project.


Is a self-assessment tool that contains two modules. Module one allows a full evaluation of an organization against COBIT control objectives. Module two uses audit techniques to verify the reliability of the evaluation results.

Our clients

With the Meycor COBIT Suite you will be able to:

  • Obtain consolidated information from technology self-assessments based on COBIT.
  • Automate the technology Risk Assessment process using a straightforward and simple methodology.
  • Have access to a default database with the processes, objectives, risks and indicators defined by COBIT that is preloaded in the software ready to be used.
  • Prioritize technology investments.
  • Quickly align the organization's goals with the IT goals.
  • Rely on an automated balanced scorecard system to correctly track all of the implemented indicators.
  • Minimize technology risks.
  • Prioritize technology projects based on their impact and cost-risk ratio.
  • Automate maps, charts and reports using multiple formats.
  • Perform a clear diagnosis of the maturity level of the different technology processes, generating improvement recommendations automatically.

All of Datasec's Meycor COBIT products include a free year of technical and methodological support. This support allows the user to download any new versions, updates, patches, add-ons or databases released for the purchased product. To purchase additional technical support after the first year contact us directly >

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